SHOTOKU SHUZO' Karaku Kimoto Tokubetsu Junmai Sake, 720ml
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SHOTOKU SHUZO' Karaku Kimoto Tokubetsu Junmai Sake, 720ml

Vendor: Shotoku Shuzo
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Made using the traditional 'Kimoto Zukuri' method to create a strong natural yeast from the mashing of koji, steamed rice and mineral water at low temperatures, this Karaku Kimoto tokubetsu junmai sake is profound with rich, unraveling flavours that stay refreshingly light and dry enough to enjoy with all kinds of food and drink. 

Brewed carefully with 100% cultivated rice from Kyoto as well as the famous spring water of Fushimi region, this sake draws out its natural acidity and bitterness to hit you full and fast with complex notes of sour grapes and pears soothed with a delicate sweetness. 

With a surprisingly refreshing palate despite its full-bodied character, Karaku Kimoto allows its bold taste to mingle wonderfully with richly-flavoured food and drinks, balancing itself with different flavours perfectly before delivering its irresistibly enjoyable dry finish.  Best enjoyed warmed or at room temperature.

Alcohol Content: 16%
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